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As a merchant, you can customize the language translations according to your requirement. All you need to do is download the language pack >> update the translations >> and upload it back to Chargebee. Here’s more on how to update the language pack. 

Usually, one would upload the language pack on their TEST site, test it, and then upload the language pack on the LIVE site. However, with transfer configuration, you could easily transfer the translations onto your LIVE site along with your other configurations.

Warning: There are quite a few considerations you need to bear in mind before proceeding with this operation. 

- This feature would only work if the default/primary language is the same for both TEST and LIVE sites.

- If the translated language pack is more than 2MB, then the translations cannot be copied
            - This could happen when the translations are transferred one by one.
            - There could be instances where the Zip file is less than 2MB, and the unzipped version exceeds 2MB. Even in such cases, the translations cannot be copied.

- Transfer configuration action is irreversible. Once copied, it cannot be reverted to the previous version before the copy.

Other points to consider are below

-  There are entities like plans, addons, coupons, custom fields, and taxes that can be copied only once. Translations for these entities can be copied over independently (multiple times whenever a translation update is made) from the entity settings. 

Ex: If you have updated the translations for the plans on your TEST site, and if you’d like only the translations to be copied over to the LIVE site, then you would be able to push it over using transfer configurations. This is in contrast to the plans, which can only be transferred once.

- Organization address cannot be transferred between the TEST and the LIVE environment however the translation for it can be done using "Transfer config".  However, the prerequisite for the copy is that the organization address should match in both TEST and the LIVE site.

- If you have configured a language for which translation is not provided by Chargebee, then the translations for them would be displayed as internal keys against the language configurations. You could copy over the custom translations by clicking the ‘Internal Keys’ checkbox.

- There are other entities such as checkout pages and the invoices for which the settings are tied to the translations. To put it simply, the settings and the translations have a parent-child relationship. While transferring the configurations, both the setting and the translation would be updated together.

 Currently, translations for the email notifications cannot be copied through Transfer Configurations. The email notifications have to be pushed to the live site one at a time. 

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