How does consolidated invoicing affect my new sales report?

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  The impact of consolidated invoicing on reports


The new sales report is a report of total value of new recurring invoices generated for a particular period in your Chargebee site. This report is usually calculated based on first recurring invoices generated for subscriptions.

If you have enabled consolidated billing, Chargebee will calculate this report based on first recurring invoices generated for customers rather than subscriptions.



Let's say a customer subscribes for three new subscriptions Sub #1, Sub #2 and Subs #3 of value $10 each.

If consolidated invoicing is not enabled: Separate invoices are generated for each subscription. The value of each invoice is added to the new sales report as they are generated. The new sales report reads $30 in new recurring revenue.

If consolidated invoicing is enabled: Sub #1 and Sub #2 renew on the same date are grouped together in one invoice and Subs #3 is invoiced separately. The invoice for Sub #1 and Sub #2 is generated immediately, and the invoice for Sub #3 is generated a week later.

The value of invoice generated for Sub #1 and Sub #2 will be added to the new sales report when it is generated. The invoice generated for Sub #3 will not be included in the new sales report.

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