How to request for the Custom Domain feature?

Modified on: Fri, 20 Jan, 2023 at 4:53 PM


Can we customize our domain name?

Is there any option to have our domain name instead of Chargebee?


Custom Domain or White labeling feature is particularly useful if you’re using the URL-based checkout and portal pages(V2 Checkout pages) in Chargebee. This earlier version(V2) of the checkout flow involved redirecting users from your website to the Chargebee checkout page through a URL.

The checkout page has a unique URL for each pricing plan in your account. The URL format is https://<site-name><plan-id>


As the new version of our hosted pages, V3 is a modal popup, the need to redirect your customers is minimized, however, if you intend to use a standalone page you might have the need to white-label the Chargebee page.

The custom domain feature lets you have your brand on the hosted pages' URLs, instead of Chargebee's. This feature is enabled from the backend for your site, here are the prerequisites: 

  • Decide on a subdomain that you would like to use. Eg: billing.<yourdomain>.com

  • Once you’ve decided on the subdomain, create a CNAME record and point your subdomain to

  • Check if the CNAME has been properly configured and propagated. You could use this tool to check:

  • Create client keys to enable Google Recaptcha

  • Once this is done, you can email our support team with the CNAME and client keys ( and we'd add your custom domain to our certificate list which could take about 7 to 10 business days.


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