How to download the language pack for Chargebee?

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Chargebee supports localization, so you can translate the customer-facing essentials like email notifications, checkout pages, and invoices based on the customer’s locale.

The language pack is used to store the translation of the language(s) you use in Chargebee.

What is the language pack?

The Chargebee site has one default language that is used (English when created), this is the language in which the content of the email notifications, checkout pages, and invoices is present on your site. 

When you add languages to your site(under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Languages), Chargebee creates a language folder for each additional language. These folders contain the translations for all the required texts that Chargebee uses for the localization of the resources. Chargebee provides translation for a set of languages out of the box, which means you spend minimal or no time in translation. This includes French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

To enable languages that not part of the above list contact Chargebee support.

Chargebee also supports other languages, for which you can provide the translation text. 

To do your own translation;

  • You should download the language pack
  • For this, head to Settings » Configure Chargebee » Languages
  • Here you will find the link to download the language pack. 
  • Open the Zip file, you will have a folder for each language. Edit the language you require.
  • In the language pack, you can add the required translations into the CSV files,
  • Upload the zipped file on the same page. Below is a screenshot for your reference:


Support for multiple languages is available from our Rise Plan & Above.

The Chargebee web-interface (Admin-console) is only available in English, for now.

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