This article is intended to cover possible scenarios which arise when the owner of the site is unavailable or needs to be changed.

If the current owner of the account is no longer a part of the organization or unavailable under any circumstances and any other user does not have access to the site, the need to change the ownership of the Chargebee site is required to carry out actions that apply only to the Site Owner. 

The ownership change can be done in the following manner. 

If the owner is already present or access to owner's account is possible and you just want to transfer the ownership to another user, Click Here to know how.

Step-1: To reinstate the deleted email

  1. You will need to reinstate your email address in place of the past owner’s email in order to gain access to the account. You can contact your IT team in your company in order to do this.

    1. Temporarily setting up a forward of the email should also work for you to get a reset-password email.

  2. Once you have reinstated the email address, you can use the Forgot Password option to change the password of the owner’s account and login to the Chargebee site. 

  3. You can now change the ownership to your email address by navigating to Settings > Team Members. Use the Make Owner option.

Step-2: Domain ownership verification (Applicable only if Case-1 cannot be carried out)

  1. To prove the ownership of the Domain, you can contact your IT team, to add a TXT record to your domain’s DNS. 

  2. The TXT file will need to contain a random key which will be provided by the Chargebee Team, you can contact us. To generate a random key, click here.

  3. On verifying this, we (Chargebee support) will be able to change the ownership to another Admin User on the account. To verify your Chargebee domain, click here

Note: If you do not have an Admin user on your site contact chargebee support.

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