This article talks about branding your Chargebee Invoices, Hosted Pages & Self-Serve Portal.

With Chargebee, you can upload your brand's logo, icon and color theme in Emails, Invoices, Credit Notes, Hosted Pages and Self-Serve Portal. The changes made can be updated at any point in time and the update will reflect immediately.

Note: Invoices generated prior to any changes will not reflect the new Logo.

To upload the Branding, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Customer Facing Essentials > Branding Styles > Add Logo & Color > Upload required image.

The sizes (in pixels) recommended by us are as follows:

  1. Logos      - 400 * 300 or 300 * 400

  2. Icons       - 300 * 300

  3. Favicon   - 256 X 256

Click Here for a document.

Feel free to reach out to our support team.