How can I hide a particular address section (Shipping/Billing/Card) on the V3 checkout pages?

Modified on: Wed, 12 Sep, 2018 at 4:18 PM

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Can I remove specific Shipping/Billing/Card address fields on the V3 checkout pages?


Yes, you can certainly do this. The steps are given below. 

1. Go to Settings (Left-side panel) >> Checkout and Self-serve portal >> Fields

2. Navigate to the appropriate section from the list on the left panel


a) To completely hide a section, you can click on the Disable option corresponding to that section. Screenshot is below.

b) If you'd like to remove specific fields, turn those OFF as given in the video below.

NoteThese fields can be still be populated in the background via the checkout page URL/API.

If you're using the V2 checkout pages, check this article.

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