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Chargebee allows you to add multiple users to your account for performing different tasks such as members from the finance team, sales team or support team. Different user roles that you can assign to the users to provide different access level to your account.

Though these roles have a fixed set of privileges/actions, as a business you might have a requirement for a combination of different set of actions for a given role. To add/delete or modify users of your Chargebee account, navigate to Settings > Team Members. Here’s more on the list of roles that are available by default.

If the predefined roles in Chargebee don't grant the privileges you want to assign to a user, you can create a Custom Role and define the privileges that you require. Custom role allows you to configure privileges in the following modules:
- Customers
- Subscriptions (Invoices/ Credit Notes/ Orders/ Transactions/ Email Logs/ Events)
- Product Catalog (Plans/ Addons/ Coupons)

The new customized user roles will be added along with Chargebee's predefined user roles. To assign Customized User Role to a user, navigate to Settings > Site Settings > User and assign the new Role created to the users.


  1. The Custom User role can be defined by checking the list of actions you’d like to allow for each resource(including customer, subscription, plan, addon, invoice) in the sample CSV attached with this article.
  2. To add new Customized User Roles to your account, please contact with the CSV checked with the actions you require.
  3. This feature is available only on the Scale plan and above.

  4. You can add up to 10 custom roles in your account. 

  5. You cannot control access to the actions in the Settings at the moment, this is a work in progress item and will be released soon.

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