Exploring Subscriptions from Trial into Shipstation

Modified on: Mon, 28 Nov, 2016 at 11:22 PM

You might come across a scenario where you try to export your subscriptions for Shipstation and you find subscriptions that are In Trial missing from this.

A good example of this scenario would be where you offer trial subscription boxes that needs to be shipped, but you’re unable to export these orders

This happens because for Shipstation exports, there should be at least one invoice present

Each invoice from Chargebee is treated as an order in Shipstation. In the absence of an invoice which is very common with trial subscriptions, these are ignored from export.


To handle this,

  • Create a $0 non recurring addon under Product Catalog -> Addons -> Create a New Addon

  • Go into the trial subscription(s) and use "Add Addon" option to create a $0 invoice. The customer will not be charged for a $0 invoice.

  • As there is an invoice, you will be able to export it into Shipstation now

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