You might want to setup a referral program of your own where you reward your subscribers with credits if they refer their friends. This can be accomplished using our APIs:

  1. When a customer signs up, we notify you via "subscription_created" webhook.

  2. You can then create their own coupon code for them using "Create a Coupon" API.

  3. This coupon code could be Customer A's Chargebee Customer ID and this ID can either be auto-generated by us when the subscription is created, or you can specify the id when creating the subscription.

  4. You can then email the coupon code to Customer A to share with their friends.

  5. Customer A shares the coupon code with a friend (Customer B) and when Customer B signs up, they will enter the coupon code and get discount.

  6. When the subscription is created for Customer B, another "subscription_created" webhook will be triggered and this webhook will indicate the coupon code used by Customer B.

  7. Based on the coupon code used, you can identify the referrer and use the Add account credits to a customer API to add these credits to Customer A's account, which will apply for their future renewals

    UPDATE: We now have an integration with ReferralCandy for referral marketing.