Subscription cancelled due  to EU VAT compliance

This customer's location couldn't be validated as required for compliance with the new EU VAT 2015 rules


According to EU VAT Rules, Chargebee carries out location validation to ensure that the right location is used to calculate the right tax rate for customers.

Location validation is carried when adding a card for the first time and when a card is updated, it is validated against the billing address the customer is provided.

Validation is done against the below data.

  • The location (country) of the IP address that is use at the time.

  • The country the customer Credit Card's BIN (Bank Identification Number) is allocated.

Here's more information on location validation within Chargebee.


To reactivate subscriptions that have been cancelled, you could do one of the following:-

-If there's a mismatch in the Credit card BIN, the customer’s card information will need to be updated again, ensuring they are using a card from the same country. And then the subscription can be reactivated.

-If there is an IP mismatch, The IP address can be updated by APIs using the Update a subscription API using the parameter “card[ip_address]”. After the IP address is updated, you can call the "re-activate subscription" API.

Please contact Chargebee Support for further for further questions.