What does Chargebee + ShipStation do?

Modified on: Tue, 18 Dec, 2018 at 1:53 AM

ShipStation is a shipping fulfillment application that can help manage shipments for your business. They are responsible for printing and generating a shipping label, they also track the inventory management. 

With Chargebee and ShipStation integration, you can now build a tight ecosystem around your billing and fulfillment platform.

What can this integration solve? 

- Automate creation and cancellation of orders in ShipStation.

- Minimize errors that pop up while dealing with data across multiple spreadsheets by enabling Chargebee-ShipStation integration.

- Plan inventory better by syncing SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) from Chargebee to ShipStation.

What can this integration do?

- Get a consolidated overview of your Order details within Chargebee without having to switch between platforms

Orders generated in Chargebee are automatically scheduled in ShipStation and upon cancelation are canceled in ShipStation

- Ensure that the labels generated in ShipStation reflect the change whenever there is an update of payment details in Chargebee

- When orders are merged or split in ShipStation, the order status is reflected Chargebee. Have better accountability by keeping track of all the orders against one invoice.

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