Can I exempt selected customers from paying taxes?

Modified on: Tue, 4 Aug, 2020 at 3:59 PM

You can exempt certain customers from taxes in Chargebee. 

1.Navigate to Subscriptions > Customer
2. Click on the particular customer you want to exempt taxes
3. Click on the option that says "Change Customer Details" on the right side of the page
4. Check the field "This customer is exempt from tax payment" and the customer will not be charged taxes from the next invoice onward
5. As you are creating a new customer also you have the same option to exempt a customer from taxes.

Refer the screenshot below :

If you are using our APIs, you can pass the taxability param as “exempt” while creating or updating a customer resource.

If VAT has been exempted for a particular customer, the following message will appear by default, in the 'Payment Details' section: “VAT is not applicable on this invoice because a valid VAT registration number was provided and the reverse charge mechanism has been applied”.

Note: You can also mark certain plans as taxable or non-taxable. The “exempt from tax” option is available on the plan details page.

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