Feature release announcements - November & December 2013

List of new features and improvements that have been added to ChargeBee in November and December 2013. This list will be updated as we make new releases.

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New Features:

Track new revenue from customers effortlessly

Now you can get notified each time a new customer gets billed for the first time by specifying a different email id to get notified. 

You may also keep track of first time payments from customers using the "New Revenue" filter option under Invoices. Very useful to keep track of additional recurring revenue (MRR). 

Export accounting, subscriptions & invoice data out of ChargeBee with filters

Previously on a request basis we used to export the subscription data. Now you have the ability to take exports of Invoices, Subscriptions, Transactions and Product Catalog. 

This can be done based on filter under the  Reports > Export data tab. This is our first step towards building an integrated application - to build exports for Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero etc.,

API Enhancements:

Estimate EU-VAT

You can estimate EU-VAT line items if VAT is configured for your site by passing billing country and vat number. This is very useful to provide a better checkout experience for customers. 

Country support: Croatia

Croatia (HR) has been added in EU countries list. Vat number can be provided for this country now. 

Minor Updates:

Email Logs moved from Settings to Subscriptions Tab. 

Previously for failed transactions we were able to provide the time and the email id for you to track it with the payment gateway, Now we will be providing you with the Transaction Id as well (for Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, WorldPay and Pin) to be able to track the failed transaction easily.

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