Affiliate Program

 Would really like to see an affiliate program built into chargebee. I'd like to offer affiliate commissions for my products and it seems that it would work best if it were built right into chargebee rather than a separate solution.

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Thank you for putting in the request Phil. A referral tracking system is a feature we will be implementing in ChargeBee. We have looked into different systems and are considering GetAmbassador. If there are other platforms that you've used or would suggest, please let us know and we will take a look at them as well.

 Getambassador does look interesting. A little different than the typical affiliate program. Looks more designed to recruit customers as affiliates whereas I would be more interested in recruiting non-customers as affiliates. Look into how payloadz does it. They are a platform similar to yours but have their own built in affiliate program.

I second this feature!

Thank you Phil. We will look into how Payloadz works as well during our implementation. 

Hi. we would like also to use affiliate program and some kind of reseller program with Chargbee. That's a reason we consider using saas billing solutions. And Chargebee is on our short list.

Would be great to establish generic affiliate program (with cookies) and also variation with reseller program using coupons and tracking reseller leads via its email and reseller ID or something.

For referral partners to integrate I suggest to taking look for 2 major: Idev Affiliate or Post Affiliate Pro.

Two most well known and flexible solutions and good priced. GetAmbassodor is not flexible, but is really pricey ($799/monthly for reasonable package)

Do You have any ETA for such feature ?


We used Post Affiliate Pro before, but Getambassador looks promising (although much pricier). 

@Phil: looks like Getambassador offers affiliate solutions for both sales partners and customers: "Group Ambassadors by Customer, Partner, Affiliates" 

@repIGNITE: We do have existing customers using our coupon codes to run referral programs. Using the API, they create a coupon code based on sign up information and pass that on to the new subscriber. The new subscriber then passes the coupon code to others. When someone signs up with the coupon code, credits are added to the referrer's subscription and the person who signs up gets a discount from the coupon as well.

For resellers, custom fields can be used to track this information. When signing up, resellers can use the custom field to enter their reseller id and create the subscriptions. This way, you can run reports using the data from the custom fields.

We do not have an ETA at the moment, sorry Phil. When we do start working on this, we will let everyone know.

Another system that we're considering as well is Referral SaaSquatch. Does anyone have any experience with them?

Thank you for all the suggestions and feedback everyone.

I am really in love with - They are open to integrating with other software now so might be worth talking to is the person to chat to.

We too would love some sort of Affiliate system integrated into Chargebee. This conversation started 9 months ago. Is there any progress? I wonder if this is on the roadmap at all

We are integrated with Refersion now for affiliate programs.

Here's more on the integration: