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How can I enable my live site ?

Once you have played around with the test site and you have confirmed that your live payment gateway account has been enabled, you can activate your live site in two ways: 
  •  Under "Your Account > Enable Live Site"
  •  By clicking on the "Test/Live" switch on the top right. 
You need to enter your test site to see these options.If you are using the billing partner option to include a badge on your website, email our support team in advance to assist you.

Where is the "Your Account" button?

Hi Brad

Thanks for writing to us.

From the screenshot you provided with us (ticket ID: 66973), it looks like you have gone live, meaning, you can start billing your customers from your Chargebee live site.

However, if you are looking to copy the configurations from your test to live site, you can go through this link

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