Can I pass a Stripe Token to ChargeBee to create a subscription?

Can I implement a checkout process for creating subscriptions at ChargeBee using tokens generated by Stripe instead of Credit Cards? 

Yes you can pass a token generated by Stripe JS or Stripe Checkout and pass it into ChargeBee to create a subscription. Here is a detailed step by step tutorial on how to obtain a Stripe token and later pass it on to ChargeBee.

How this works is:

We retrieve the card details with address from Stripe using the temporary token and validate that with your site settings configuration.

These are the validations we do after fetching the card from Stripe.

· VAT number validation

· Country code validation (Pass 2 letter ISO country code to Stripe)

· Site address requirements validation

· Postal code validation

Do you want to pass VAT number along with card token?

We have rolled out support for updating VAT number with Stripe tokens  while creating a subscription, updating a subscription or updating card details.

Now, you can send Stripe the token id and VAT number. We will validate the VAT number and calculate VAT tax according to the VAT rules in Europe while creating the invoice.

The way this works is:

1.  Provide the "address_country" and other required fields in billing address while creating the token in Stripe.

2.  Pass the token to ChargeBee along with the create/update subscription or update card API.

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