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Have the ability to change the receiving customer for a gift subscription.

We would like to have the ability to change the customer that will be receiving a gift subscription. This would be used to resolve this critical use case:

  1. The Gifter puts in the wrong email address for their gift for an existing subscriber.
    - The Gifter might might know the correct email address or may mistype the email address.
  2. The intended Receiver is not be able to redeem a gift on their main account.
We have to resolve this through by manually redeeming the gift and then assigning a mock gift subscription to the intended Receiver.

We know that this will become a major customer service issue, so being able to simply change the Recipient on the gift subscription would greatly improve our record keeping and make it much easier to resolve these issues.

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Hi Jefferson,

We understand that you want the change the gift receiver or recipient details of the customer. This is possible only on two conditions:

  1. If the recipient (to whom the gift subscription is wrongly sent to) has not yet claimed his gift subscription.
  2. If the gift subscription is dated to the future and is not yet released.

If the status is unclaimed then the email can be changed under Subscriptions > Change Customer Details. The email can be changed as displayed below.


To resend the email to the recipient, type the updated email id in the Forward to column from Subscriptions > Emails and Click Send.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Kirthiga A

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