Can I build my own customer portal instead of the built in one?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I know Chargebee has API so I'm assuming I can, but is it possible to do my own customer portal instead, where customer's log into my website and can view their subscriptions and invoices and so on vs using the built in customer portal?

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Hello Lee, 

Thank you for writing in. your question is a very valid.

Yes, with Chargebee's APIs we you can build your own custom portal for your customers. This will require development work on your end, to reduce this we have an open source portal that you can customize to suit your needs. The open source portal is available  for the V2 or single page version of our hosted pages, which your account is currently on. 

We also have a new version of the hosted pages V3 or modal checkout which will load the checkout in a popup on your webpage. This version of the hosted pages does not have an open source option.

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Let me know if you need further assistance.


Chargebee Solutions Team

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