Configure Domain and API Key in CRC


I do not understand how to configure chargebee into credit repair cloud.

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Ideally you will been signing up for Chargebee from your CRC account from the Chargebee Settings under My Company. 

This will take you to a sign up page dedicated for CRC users. Click Here for a step by step.

If you have already Signed up for a chargebee outside of the CRC workflow.

  • You will need to go to the Chargebee API Key settings under Settings » Configure Chargebee » API & Webhooks » API Keys » Copy (Full Access) API Key.
  • On the CRC side you will go to My Company » Chargebee Settings » Settings » Paste the API Key you copied form Chargebee » Enter the Domain Name (exclue the "") » Enable the integration. 
  • After this the integrated will be in place.


With Chargebee integrated with CRC certain functions on Chargebee will be disabled as a result of the CRC integration, like the hosted pages, API keys.

Once you have enabled the Chargebee+CRC integration you will not able to undo it. 



Chargebee Solutions Team

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