Subscription change does not create unbilled charges


We have the following Chargebee configuration:

 - Portal: Apply subscription changes: 'Immediately'

 - Unbilled charges: When a subscription is changed, and there are charges: 'Invoice immediately'

 - Billing rules: Proration: 'disabled'

We observe the following situation: A user creates a new subscription using the Protal. He is immediately billed for it and receives an invoice.

Now when a user increases the plans quantity during month 1 using that Portal, we see the effect immediately ('subscription_change'), but the user is not billed for the change at all. Only starting from month 2 he has to pay for the new quantity in advance.

So effectively during month 1, he used the increased quantity for the price of the initial, lower one.

Ideally, we want the charges (difference for new quantity) to be applied immediately on change.

How do achieve this? Thanks!

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