How to test webhooks on staging which requires VPN

Besides the production environment, we have staging which can only be accessed via a VPN. This means we cannot use the webhook URL in the staging environment to configure webhook in Chargebee because Chargebee cannot reach our staging.

Due to security reasons, our IT can only make the webhook URL on staging accessible for static IPs which can be whitelisted

As I learn from Chargebee documentation that the IPs are dynamic, it seems not possible for me to test webhooks on our staging.

Do you have any idea so we can have a proper testing environment before going live?

We can configure webhook to test locally using ngrok, but we really need our staging testable so our stakeholders can test the application.

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I am afraid it is not possible to support this with our current infrastructure. So, we suggest you to use services such as ngrok as we have mentioned in the forum discussion