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While testing webhooks in the sandbox environment I noticed that the webhooks fire to the requested URL, but they don't always use the correct event. Is this just a result of the sandbox environment?

I can always Test URL with the desired event, but as soon as I Update Webhook or leave the page it seems to revert back to the same event: subscription_created. This stays true for each of the three webhooks I am testing.

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Hey there,

By default, Chargebee sends webhook calls for all the events. But, when testing the URL with a particular event, only the selected event will trigger the webhook and be listened to by the server.

This is why the page always refreshes to the "Subscription Created" event. 

Please note that the event that you select will only be sent once for the test and will be reset when you update the page.

Please refer the docs for more information regarding Webhooks.

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