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I want to create reports of payments and bank transfers from Stripe, but when I do, I see that no VAT information has been created from Chargebee on the Stripe customers. There is a field 'VAT number' on Stripe customers, but it's empty. There is also arbitrary metadata, but that's empty too. I would also like to see the tax_percent that was added to the payment.

Is there anything we could do in Chargebee to get this information to be transferred to Stripe? Having it in metadata would probably be sufficient.

Hi Ulrik

Currently, only the transaction details are sent to Stripe. 

You can get a comprehensive report on the VAT charged from Chargebee under Reports > Accounting > Tax Summary. This report gives you a summary of the tax collected from customers based on country and jurisdiction.

I'm curious to understand why you're looking to generate reports in Stripe. We have a dedicated Reports section that offers different types of data points for different use cases. Is there a specific report you're looking for? Here's more on our Reports.

We have other transactions that are not handled by Chargebee. I have custom VAT reports all set up for those, and I would like to use the same process and report format. It would simplify for me if the VAT number and tax percent were passed on to Stripe as metadata.

I might be able to tweak the Chargebee reports to the same format, but it's going to take some effort.

This is an example of the kind of report I want: 

created	id	transfer_id	transfer_date	customer_id	amount	fee	currency	tax_percent	email	description	vat_number	card_country
2018-04-12 06:42:50.000	ch_1CFz8wC...	po_1CGcwfC...	2018-04-19 00:00:00.000	cus_BNsnZn4...	49	1.67	eur	0	Non-EU customer		US
2018-04-11 10:20:13.000	ch_1CFg3lC...	po_1CGGV9C...	2018-04-18 00:00:00.000	cus_CYztXLZ...	59.29	1.08	eur	21	EU individual		ES
2018-04-08 14:06:28.000	ch_1CEeA4C...	po_1CFBbZC...	2018-04-16 00:00:00.000	cus_Buae05D...	125	2	eur	0	EU company with VAT number	PL1234567890	PL

I need the Stripe fee, tax percent, VAT number, card country, as well as transfer information, so accounting can match bank payouts with customer charges.

Hi Ulrik

Thanks for the details!

Unfortunately, we do not pass the tax information to Stripe at the moment. But I have requested my developers to consider this as an enhancement request. We would try to send all these details to Stripe's metadata. Though I cannot promise you the timeframe at the moment, I'll let you know when this is implemented.         

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Hi, Is there any update on this.

I took over from Ulrik the task of maintaining this stuff and it would make our job easier.


Hello Juraj,  

Thank you for the follow up on this. 

As you are looking to map  a transaction on Stripe (originated form Chargebee) to the customer's VAT number, though the VAT number is not shared with Stripe (yet), we can still get this data form Chargebee as the both the VAT number & Gateway Transaction ID is present. 

Since you are doing a custom report, I'm assuming you are working on a Spreadsheet, if so 

  • You can take an export of the transactions. You can put in required filters, like a date range
  • The Export will have multiple files after you unzip it. 
  • Using the Transaction file you will have the Gateway ID in column "N".
  • Using the Customer file you will have the VAT number in column "G" and Vat prefix in column "L"
  • With a quick VLookup formula you can match up the required field data as the customer ID will be the common value across all files.

I understand this might not be ideal, given the popularity of this feature and  our product road map this featuer has not be taken up yet. That being said I have had a word with the product team to revisit the request.

Let me know if this works for you.



Chargebee Solutions Team 

Hi Anthony, thanks for getting back and the detailed steps.

The thing is that we'd like to make this process as straightforward as possible and we're already using Stripe SIgma for this (if the vat number was there our reports would start working automatically).

I understand this might not be the highest priority but will appreciate any update in this area in the future.



Hello Juraj, 

Thank you for understanding. 

I have notified our Product team to bump up this request. I will keep you & this thread posted.



Chargebee Solutions Team 

I faced same type of problem but the main problem is that when I want to create reports of payments and bank transfers from Stripe it shows me that my vat registration  the number is invalid, so what to do now.

Hey Peter,

Thank you for writing in.

I have added your request to the internal tracker to bump up the feature request, unfortunately, I do not have a timeline I can share. I will keep this thread posted when there is progress.


Kirthiga A

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