Setting up 'pay as you feel' subscriptions

I'd like to set up a system where the user can choose their own subscription rate e.g. 

1. £5

2. £10

3. Other ____ (user enters in a number) 

Does anyone know of how I can do that with Chargebee? 



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Hi Michael,

If you want the customer to choose the price. You can use the price override option. This feature allows you to set a custom price for each subscription on the same plan.

This feature is supported by our APIs or while creating/updating a subscription on your Chargebee site. The hosted pages currently does not offer this option.

So when you capture the price the customer wants to pay you can pass it with the plan_unit_price parameter. This new plan price will be used as the subscription amount for the customer for all subsequent renewals.

For Example: If you have configured a £1 plan, and the customer enters a £10 as the plan price, once your override the price, the price of the plan for that particular subscription will be £10.

Here is more on Price Override. Here is the relevant API doc.

You can go to Settings>> Billing >>Billing Rules>>Enable " Allow Price Override" option

Would this work for you?

Could you please elaborate on your use case so that I may be able to gauge better and help you find the solution that best fits your workflow?

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