Percentage based billing

Hi there, We would like to charge a client a percentage of their billing to their clients using our software. For instance, client charges $100 for x sessions. We would be paid $20 of this amount. The client can choose what they charge their client. Ideally we would like to be paid the $100 and then give the client 80%. Otherwise, requesting the 20% could also be an option. Is this possible? We currently use Stripe and PayPal as payment options.

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Hi Harry

Unfortunately, Chargebee is designed to handle payments at one level. Implementation of this would be easier if we can accept payments through different tiers. If you'd still like to implement this in Chargebee, you should know the price to collect from your clients. We do not have a percentage based billing. Another option would be to collect the payments from the end customers and take care of settling the 80% revenue to your clients.

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