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Custom Reporting


Can you help me with the two below reporting requests.

1. Is it possible to change all dashboard reports to exclude VAT from sales figures?

2. I would like a custom reporting building to help me segment the data as the follows:

I have shared this sheet which shows the format I am ultimately aiming for. Sheet Detailed Sales Format:

What I would like is one report that I can export from Chargebee to feed this report. I am happy creating formulas to look up the values so you don't need to worry about any formatting or summarising.

The main point will be linking the Plans with add ons.

For example with this plan: virtual-office:-london-central

I need to be able to report how many plans we have sold with no add ons and then how many plans also include one of these add ons

Additional revenue:

post-forwarding registered-office mail-scanning

Inc Call Answering:





I would like the report to summarise all data by month if possible so I can have one report to feed my Google Sheet. Alternatively if you can somehow help me link the plans and add ons I could possibly create a pivot table from some base data.

I may add more plans and add ons so would be ideal if there was some way of me controlling the configuration myself.

Please let me know what is possible and if you have any questions.

Many thanks

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Hi Edgar

I see that you've raised the same through a ticket (#56748) and we're discussing it with our Analytics team. We'll get back to you with more information via the ticket.

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