Non-recurring addons and unbilled charges for future subscriptions?

Is there any way to add a non-recurring addon to a future subscription now there is the ability to add items as 'unbilled charges'?

i.e., using a hosted page URL[id][0]=addon-b&subscription[invoice_immediately]=false&subscription[start_date]=1746921600

I understand they can be added from the future subscriptions' page if they are added as 'unbilled', but can it be done at creation/through hosted pages?

Hi Adam

Non-recurring addons can be added as unbilled charges only to an existing subscription. I'm afraid it's not possible to add them to a Future dated or Trial subscription at the time of creation either via API or via hosted pages. I'll add this as a feature request for our team to consider for future revamps. 

Mildly Disappointing. I would suggest it's a feature that would make a bunch of sense to have. 

I mean along with a subscription the customer may want something additional/once off? It would be annoying having to go through the ordering process twice.

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I do understand your concern, Adam. We've forwarded your feedback to our developers for consideration. We'll let you know once it is implemented. For now, you may have to collect the plan/addon details, create a subscription and then add the non-recurring addon.

Makes it super awkward when sending the subscription created email, if the add-on isn't listed in it at the time...

Is there any way to delay emails being sent?

Hi Adam

There's no option to do that with the current email notification system but the revamp we're currently working on helps you segment the emails. We're expecting it to be released by the mid of June. We'll notify you once it is out and you can segment the emails accordingly.

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