How to delay subscription recurring charges but charge setup fees immediately?

I am using hosted checkout page.

You explained how to create a future subscription using a hosted checkout page? 

Here is a twist: I need to charge setup fees when a subscription is created but recurring fees should start several days later.

How to do it?

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Hi Alec

Would you kindly define the term - ‘several days later’. Is it a month or more? 

Based on this, I may suggest a solution here. 

typically a week

Hi Alec

Thanks for your reply!

When customers sign up through the checkout page, we don't have an option to collect the setup fee immediately and the recurring amount on a later period. You would either be able to collect both at the same time or when the subscription is activated. Though there is no direct option to implement your requirement, we have an alternate solution for you:

Use the Add Charge or Add Addon option to collect the setup fee after the customer signs up through the checkout page. You can listen to the subscription_created event and then collect the setup fee using the web interface or our Create Invoice for Charge or Create Invoice for Addon API. 

Let us know if you need further clarification!


Meena N


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