URGENT: subscription_changed event not created for "On Next Renewal" changes

Hi - 

It seems that "subscription_changed" event is not created (and thus not broadcast to the webhook) when a subscription is updated to change plan "On Next Renewal". It isn't sent either at the point at which the "On Next Renewal" is created, nor at the point when the changes come into effect. Instead, the whole process happens invisibly.

Our integration relies on keeping keeping local records in sync with Chargebee by listening for webhook events, and taking appropriate actions depending on the event type. This is essentially impossible if changes aren't reliably sent by Chargbee! We would instead need to regularly poll Chargebee for changes, which is expensive for both sides, and will inevitably mean there are periods in between polls where the systems are out of sync.

Is this intended behaviour, or a bug? Either way it definitely seems wrong to me, and it is causing us big headaches!



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Hey Alex,

Many thanks for writing to us!

Yes, we do not trigger a "subscription_changed" event when scheduled changes are added to the subscription or applied on next renewal. More specifically, during renewal, you will only get the "subscription_renewed" event.

So, you could listen to "subscription_renewed" for active subscriptions and "subscription_activated" for {Trial to Active} subscriptions and they'll contain the latest subscription changes.

The "has_scheduled_changes" attribute within the subscription object in our JSON will contain scheduled changes for a subscription, if any.

Will this work? Please let us know.

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