User access to TEST sites only


We need to give access to TEST sites only.

Is it possible?

I see an option to add user and assign role, but looks like all roles have access to both TEST and LIVE sites.

Is it possible to give full access to TEST sites only?

Best regards, Alexander.

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Hey Alexander,

Many thanks for reaching out to us!

If you'd like to add a new user to your TEST site, you can go to Settings > Site Settings > Users in the web interface. Once you're there, use the "Invite User" option and enter the new user's email address. Then, you could assign a user role for them {'Admin' in your case} and give full site access. Here's more on this.

Please note - that if you'd like to give access for your LIVE site, this action needs to be repeated in your LIVE site as well. Performing this operation in your TEST site will not reflect in your LIVE site.

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