Allow multiple subscriptions for Wordpress users


after multiple chats with supports it seems that the Wordpress + Chargebee integration is severely limited.

Complete lack of documentation [for example it is nowhere to be found that Wordpress UserID, Chargebee CustomerID and Chargebee SubscriptionID has to be the very same numners.]

But where this is a deal breaker is that Chargebee do not allow multiple subscriptions for clients, come on, this is very very bad. How am I supposed to work like this?

Please fix this, update the plugin to allow us to use Chargebee at its full potential, or at least be honest and transparent about how much this is an half baked solution.

Thank you,


Hello Daniele,

Thank you for pointing out the issue and I just had a chat with team. We acknowledge that there is a gap with wordpress plugin and that needs to be addressed. I can assure you that we did not honestly attempt to hide any information. I am sorry if it came across that way.

Would you have any developers on your side to modify the open source version of the plugin to suit your needs? The particular developer is not available to make the changes right now.

Again my sincere apologies. We will fix the documentation to ensure these details are reflected appropriately.


Hi Krish,

happy to be able to talk with you. First let me congratulate for Chargebee, and all your efforts to develop it. After one or two month I can say it is a great service.

This is why I'm so let down by the state of Chargebee's Wordpress plugin: I'm with this beautiful service and I can't even use half of it. Right now I don't even know if I can use add-ons, or discounts and other features, there is no place that has these infos. Should I write support to ask if every single feature works?

Also, before migrating my two websites from Memberful to Chargebee I had several messages with support staffers, starting January 14th, including: Pritosh, Anthony, Anand, Joe, almost twenty emails, I wrote in the -first- message my site was built with Wordpress, why no one said a thing about this? And I've been told that all IDs have to be the same more than two months later? 

We got to the point that for the first website I was forced to delete all subscriptions and started from scratch. I lost several Clients.

Being a freelance I do not have the time or the resource to modify the plugin, but even if I could manage this, why should I use something that is less than optimal? Something that is not developed by the owner? Wordpress is powering more than 25% of the www, I can understand that is a market you're not interested in, but why produce something this half-baked?

I honestly hope Chargebee will focus on integrations, small businesses (not to say freelancers) can't handle all this issues and waste of time. I want to be able to support Chargebee in the future.

Have a great day.

Thank you Daniele for the detailed feedback. I understand the issue better. We are trying to ensure our sales / support team also understands some of the implications by asking more deeper questions that needs to be vetted by developers. We are learning in that aspect.

I have requested our team to make a list of things we / you would ideally like to see fixed in the plugin. Once we have clarity on changes & how to make those we will atleast request a third party developer to fix it and we will bear the cost of the services.

Will request our team to start adding to this thread with a list of requirements here. If there is anything you would like to add, we would love that.

But I can totally understand if this is a dealbreaker at this point for you and I sincerely apologise.



Hi Krish,

thank you for your answer.

Please you or your team ask everything you need I'm more than happy to provide feedback. Will wait for other team's members to chime in and add more later.

Have a great day.

Hi Krish,

as you can see from this thread:

this is not affecting just me.

Now my priority is to understand what I cannot do with Chargebee. Some direct questions.

Given that I use your Wordpress Plugin + Chargebee:

a) it is clear I cannot use more than one subscription per user.

b) can I sell an add-on to a user that already has a subscription?

c) can a user that already has a subscription change it, for example to a different plan?

d) are there other limitations I should know about?

e) are there plans to expand/fix the wordpress plugin at the moment?

Thank you have a great day,


More than a month later nothing happened. No Team involvement, no replies, no changes to the plugin nor any kind of support. No changes to the plugin in more than three months.

Please let me know if you plan to change something regarding the wordpress integration.

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