How to Add Subscription for Existing Customers through Hosted page.

I want to add subscription for existing customers. I am using Hosted Pages for subscription. 

So How can I Add Subscription for Existing Customers through Hosted page?

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Hi Suresh,

We don't support the option to create new subscriptions for existing customers via hosted pages right now. Sorry about that. Instead you could use the "create subscription for a customer" API. This will help you keep track of all subscriptions belonging to a single customer.

Thanks for your solution Charanya , i am also facing the same issue like Requestor

how can i renew the subscription Let me give you the scenario.

i am adding 37 licences for my customer and i am using a "create subscription for a customer" API

after the couple of days i am adding 5 licences addition.

37 licenses purchased in month of 7th and 5 license can be trigger in end of the month.

but in the renewal day of month of 7th i need to renew him 42.

it is 42 i want to trigger a next renewal date for 42 licences 

give me solution for this

i am just asking some help i have found it in checkoutExisting api

 37+5 if i am sending to checkout page it will cost me for 42. but it can refund me 37 license and will charge for only 5 license extra ?

Hey Ram,

Thanks for writing to us!

Quick Question: Would you want those additional 5 licenses get associated to customer's existing subscription {37 licenses} and get billed on the same date?

For your use case, you could setup a quantity based plan {or} quantity based addon and use the "Update a Subscription" API to add the extra 5 licenses. You would need to specify the 'end_of_term' parameter as 'true' in order to apply changes during the end of current term {next renewal date}. From then on, all the 42 licenses will renew together.

Would this work?

yes exactly what I need but i am not using update subscription api ,

i am sending to  Checkout existing subscription 

because i don't have any checkout form because i am using hosted pages to check out and giving redirect url and again updating the subscription

and after this please explain how Next Billing At will work for my customer.

Hey Ram,

For your use case, it is recommended to use "Update a Subscription" API call. This is mainly due to the fact that "Checkout Existing Subscription" API is mainly used in cases where you'd want to shorten the trial period and make the subscription turn active, thereby collecting the card details from the customer on the hosted checkout page.

The "Next Billing At" parameter emphasize on when the subscription is getting renewed, and it would show you the next renewal/billing date.

Hi Anand 

how the next billing works ?

if he is receiving a Email from chargebee and he is paid but my portal doesn't have an info about this payment , well i have a callback after this payment ? 

Hey Ram,

Assuming they're paying by card and Auto Collection is 'On', their card would be charged automatically without requiring any manual intervention. In this case, you would receive the Payment Succeeded webhook which you can use to update your portal. 

Here's a list of various event types we currently support: Event Types

Is that still impossible to charge new subscription for existing customer?

Hey Daniil,

You can certainly create multiple subscriptions for a single customer in Chargebee.

When multiple products that need to be purchased & charged independently as separate subscriptions multiple subscriptions will need to be maintained.

Subscriptions can be created using our hosted pages, APIs & through the Chargebee web interface. In all instances, the customer record will need to be in present in Chargebee.

However, depending on your use-case, multiple products can be added to one subscription as add-ons.

You can find more info in this here. 

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