Allow user to reactivate subscription in customer portal

Currently, if a user's subscription in cancelled it can only be reactivated via the admin dashboard or through the API. 

I would like for my users to be able to cancel and reactivate their subscription all from the customer portal.

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Hi David,

The option to reactivate the subscription via the portal is already in the list of "Feature Requests". We will add your request as well to further pump up the priority.

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any updates on the request?`

Hey John,

We don't have update on this right now. Sorry about that. However, we recently released an open source version of our customer portal that you could use to add any additional feature you think is important for your business. The open source version does have the "Reactivate Subscription" feature. Would this be helpful?

Thanks I'll take a look!

Here's more on this John.

Hi all! 

We recently released a new version of our hosted pages, Checkout V3 that supports a modal based, in-app checkout and self-serve portal that supports the option to reactivate canceled subscriptions out of the box.

Do try it out and reach out to us if you have more questions.

- LN

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