Feature Release Announcements - May 2015

List of new features and improvements that have been added to Chargebee in May 2015.

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New Features and Enhancements

The Invoice makeover!

The Invoice has a new look now. And it's already out in your test sites. You can choose to have it enabled in your live sites, if needed. Here's more on it. 

Shipping Address Add/Update event

We've added a new event which is triggered when the shipping address for a subscription is added/updated. Event: subscription_shipping_address_updated. More information here.


Trial Period in Order Summary

You can now indicate the trial period of your plan in the order summary section. Configure it in your Chargebee site under Settings > Hosted Pages Settings > Info & Alerts > Checkout > Trial Information.

New Currency Support

We now support the currency Philippine Peso(PHP).

API Enhancements:

Amazon Payments via API

If you have an integration with Amazon Payments (Login and Pay with Amazon) on your website, you can now pass the Billing Agreement Id while creating/updating a subscription using the Create/Update Subscription API. Additionally, if you would want to update the payment method for your existing customers by passing the Billing Agreement Id, make use of the Update Payment Method API.

Partial Payments via API

You can now record partial payments for invoices in "Payment Due" state using the Record Payment for an invoice API. So if your customers only pay half the amount now, you can record it and that is subtracted from the total amount of the due invoice.


Downgrade Penalty

The option to levy a penalty when a subscription is downgraded, has been deprecated. New plan creations won't have the option to specify a downgrade penalty. Existing plans will not be affected for the time being and downgrades will continue to behave as designed. 

The feature will be completely disabled on the 1st of September 2015 and any subscriptions on plans with a downgrade penalty will not have any downgrade charges applied if they move to a lower plan.

Thank you so much for this.  It looks good on our Test site.

Is it live on Live site?  It is still not up on Live site in our account.  Will be great if you guys can get it up soon as it was supposed to be up on 15 Jun 2015.  :)

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your feedback! There are still some users who ere testing it out and we are waiting for that to get done to enable this for the LIVE site. If you'd like it to be enabled for your LIVE site we could do it immediately!Let us know!

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