More trigger for zapier integration


we're moving from stripes to chargebees, we have an integration with intercom as well and we'd like to have a trigger for when a user plan expires (which would catch trial expirations, cancellations, and the likes) or has an unpaid amount (which would catch all credit card expiration issues as well) so that our support can contact them and effectively resolve the issue

current zapier integration only supports payments and new subscriptions.

is there any plan to extend them?



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Hi Lorenzo!

In ChargeBee, you could enable “Email Notifications”, which would automatically trigger emails whenever an event occurs (Cancellation, Subscription Trial Ending, Payment Failed etc). You could also enable the “Bcc” option under Settings > Email Notification Settings > Settings, which would send a copy of all the emails sent to the customer to the email address entered in the “From Address”. This way, you would receive the notification of these events for you to contact the customers when required.

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