Feature Release Announcements - April 2015

List of new features and improvements that have been added to ChargeBee in April 2015.

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  Invoice Notes

With Invoice Notes, you can now add content that will be shown on the invoice for that particular subscription. So, if you want to display subscription specific information on an invoice, you can use Invoice Notes. More on that here.


Purchase Order Numbers

Some of your customers’ businesses might need a PO number as a reference for their purchase. You can now store that PO number in their subscriptions in ChargeBee and also show that on their invoices. More on that here.

Change site ownership

Ownership of your account can now be transferred from one user to another. The option to change ownership is available only for the owner of the site. More on that here.

Record Partial Payments

You can now record partial payments for invoices in "Payment Due" state. So if your customers only pay half the amount now, you can record it and that is subtracted from the total amount of the due invoice.

API Enhancements:

Collect Payment for an Invoice API

Collecting payments for unpaid invoices has been made easier for API users. Using the Collect Payment for an Invoice API, you can now collect payments for invoices which are "Payment Due" and "Not Paid".

Support for PayPal Express Checkout

If you have an integration with PayPal Express Checkout (Reference Transactions) on your website, you can now pass the Billing Agreement Id while creating/updating a subscription using the Create/Update Subscription API. Additionally, if you would want to update the payment method for your existing customers by passing the Billing Agreement Id, make use of the Update Payment Method API.

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