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Credit Repair Cloud Integration Setup

ChargeBee integrates tightly with Credit Repair Cloud to make it easy and affordable for you to set up automated recurring billing for your clients within Credit Repair Cloud account.

Here is a summary of steps involved:

1. Signup for your ChargeBee account at

2. After you successfully signed up with us, you will be promptly redirected to a page where you need to do the essential steps to finish setting up the ChargeBee account  and the integration with your  Credit Repair Cloud account.

3. After you had signed up, you need to verify the email address you used to sign up with us. This is to ensure your email is valid and you own it.

Click the button "Verify Your Email Address" to verify your email and go back to continue to set up ChargeBee and integration with Credit Repair Cloud.

4. Now you need to activate your ChargeBee account to use it with Credit Repair Cloud account to accept recurring payments from your clients. For this you need to click "Activate Live Account" and provide your credit card details. As part of launch promotional offer, you will not be charged for the first month.

5. After you enter your card details and click "Activate my account", your live account will be enable and your ChargeBee account is ready to be set up in your Credit Repair Account. 

6. Now you are closer to finish setting up the integration with your Credit Repair Cloud account. You need to login into your Credit Repair Cloud account and configure the ChargeBee live domain and API key. Go to "My Company" -> "ChargeBee Settings" and configure as instructed.

7. After you paste the ChargeBee's domain & API Key in your Credit Aid account, click "Verify Configuration & Complete Setup". This will verify whether your integration between ChargeBee and Credit Aid is setup for use.

8. To start collecting recurring payments from your customer, you need to have a active payment gateway account. If you have one head on directly to configure the settings in ChargeBee by clicking "Configure Gateway Credentials". If need a payment gateway, click "Get a New Gateway Account" to fill the form. You will be contacted by a representative to help you get a payment gateway.