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Can I move my existing subscriptions into ChargeBee?

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Yes, you can move your existing subscriptions into ChargeBee by providing the details asked in the ChargeBee data import sheet.

What details can be imported?

The following details of the customers can be imported from your existing subscription.

1. Plans

2. Addons

3. Coupons

4. Customers

5. Credit cards

6. Subscriptions

7. Invoices

8. Line items

9. Transactions

How can I move my existing subscriptions into ChargeBee?

Contact us at and we will provide you with a data import sheet. This will contain all the fields required to import all your customer information into ChargeBee. You must provide all the data that is mentioned in the data import sheet so that we can do the migration process without any issues.

Providing Credit Card Details:

Do NOT enter or send us any credit card details through the import sheet or through any other means. Contact us at and we will help you send the credit card details to us in a PCI compliant manner.

Time taken to import:

The process could take anywhere from one week to 15 days depending on the number of subscriptions and the amount of data. If all the details are provided correctly as mentioned in the import sheet, the shorter the time taken to complete the migration.

Will renewals continue to happen after the import is complete?

Yes. Once the subscriptions have been imported, they will continue to renew based on the renewal frequency.


1. Refunds are not possible.

For transactions which had occurred in the old system, refunds cannot be made. If a refund needs to be made for these transactions, it should be done on the old system or at the payment gateway level.

2. Invoice line items are not linked with their respective plans and addons now.

Due to this, the “Monthly Revenue” report will be slightly affected. This report shows the  plan wise revenue break-up for the month. As the imported line items do not have the plan details - they are not included for the plan revenue calculations. However, the overall revenue amount will be accurate because they are calculated from the invoice amount.

This will be fixed soon.


Complete details on the data requirements is available on the data import sheet.

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