Recording partial payments for a pending invoice

While recording the payments for a pending invoice, can I enter an amount different (generally lesser) than the invoice amount? This is required because a no. of customers may make partial payments for an invoice at a time. Ideally, we would like the invoice to remain open but outstanding amount to change on receiving a partial payment. 

If this feature is not there, is it in your pipeline and by when can we expect to have this?

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@piyush, thank you for asking. Accepting partial payments is currently not available but it is in our pipeline. 

As a workaround you can add comments to the pending invoice and enter how much you've received so far. Once you've received the remaining amount, you can record the payment in the invoice and ChargeBee will close it automatically. 

Partial is a must - even Magento and shopping carts allows it as generic feature. Many big companies establish long contract - where partial invoice payments are set and paid month by month to fulfill the contract

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