Reset and Reschedule Revenue Story ETL Sync

Modified on: Tue, 14 Mar, 2023 at 4:46 PM

ETL sync is the Main process in the RevenueStory where CB data is getting synced to RS and presented in the UI of Revenue Story Metrics.

The extractor, Transformer, and Loader are the ETL jobs and Extractor will run first to fetch the data from CB, Next Transformer job will run which will process the data and Loader will load the data to RS DB.

There are several scenarios where the Extractor job will fail may be due to communication failure or data.

Whenever if Extractor job is failed check the sch_job_audit table for the Error message. If the error message is the length you take the same error id and search the error log in Splunk.

To Resume the ETL sync first we need to reset the etl sync logs.

The failed row will be removed.

Now we need to resume the ETL sync by scheduling the Exactor job.

Use the below admin action with appropriate details and schedule it.

Once you schedule the Extractor job, you can check the same by checking if a record is present in the etl_request_queues table. The job will be scheduled as per scheduled_at time.

If this job is picked up then the job will be in the sch_jobs table and once the execution is completed, then it will be moved to the sch_job_audits table.


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