How to resolve Skipped Product items Error in Transfer Config?

Modified on: Tue, 14 Mar, 2023 at 4:11 PM


How to resolve skipped items status in Transfer Config?

How to resolve errors like “ ITEM NOT FOUND” during transfer config?


A merchant may receive an error saying some of the product items are getting skipped -while transferring configuration from LIVE to TEST sites or vice versa. 

This CSV you can get at the end of the transfer config operation in the UI itself. 


There are a few Steps to check this -
1) Firstly whenever you see SKIPPED status then open the “skipped_product_items” TABLE for finding what is the actual reason.
2) When you see the reason as “NOT ALLOWED TO COPY FROM SITE” - Then we have an admin action to solve the error.

3)Admin action - “WHITE_LISTED_CB_SITES_FOR_API” - Open DB→INVOKE_ACTION→add_mul_val_settings-  


4) Do this for both the sites from and to in a vice versa manner. Then re-initiate the transfer once more.


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