[Internal] 3DS Challenge for Stripe Gateway

Modified on: Mon, 27 Feb, 2023 at 7:01 PM


How to enforce the 3DS challenge for Stripe gateway?




The merchant's ask is to force 3ds authentication (challenge flow)  throughout. There are env props for other gateways such as Cyber source, and Braintree. Similarly, the question here is, how to enforce challenge flow for Stripe. 


3DS is a security protocol used to authenticate users. This provides an extra layer of protection for payment card transactions in card-not-present scenarios. Yes, Stripe supports the 3D Secure challenge flow. Currently, we don't have any env prop to enforce 3ds for stripe.

Stripe has a Radar rule option in their panel to enforce 3ds. Please refer to these Rules. If the merchant will enable it in the Stripe panel, then it should work.

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