[internal] Posted invoice email is not sent out

Modified on: Mon, 27 Feb, 2023 at 6:31 PM

This article covers

Posted invoice Email is not sent.

Event type - Invoice Generated email is not sent



A reason can be verified from logs and databases why this particular type of invoice is not sent.




  1. Email should be enabled under Email Notification -> Invoice receipt -> Invoice is generated
    In case the payment terms Net D is enabled
    Email should be enabled under Email Notification -> Payments terms (Net D) -> Invoice is generated in Posted status

  2. Go to events and event_contents table and search with customer id as entity_id and entiry_type=customer

  3. Pick up the event_content_id and search in Splunk using below query:
    Eg. For domain="ap-reveal"     entity_id="88065237" and select the time range as per the event date.

  4. You can search the same in the below mentioned table using events.external_id

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