[Internal] Double charge at Gateway

Modified on: Mon, 27 Feb, 2023 at 6:22 PM

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The customer has been charged twice but there is only one transaction recorded in Chargebee but stripe has two successful attempts.

How to check the double charge attempted at Gateway but not logged in CB?



In the case of Merchant Initiated Transaction (MIT), a subscription renewal happens where Chargebee attempts to charge the customer but before Chargebee received transaction confirmation due to network/server interruption the final response is not logged at Chargebee's end. In such a case, a reattempt happens by Chargebee which results in two attempts.

In this case, the merchant needs to manually refund the transaction for which information is not available at Chargebee.



  1. Check the subscription ID for which renewal has been done

  2. Check the transaction date and time which was logged in Chargebee

  3. Search in the “sch_job_audits” table for the date same as the above transaction for job type “Subrenewal” and Status is not “Successed/Ignored”

  4. The above query will give you the result of whether any failure / server_quit happens.

  5. You can open the record and see that the entity id available in the record is the same has the subscription ID.

  6. You need to inform the merchant about the error and ask them to refund the transaction id which is not available in Chargebee. Available gateway transaction id can be confirmed from point 2 column “id_at_gateway” 

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