Count of AVALARA/TAXJAR calls made from Chargebee

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How to find out the number of calls made to Avalara/Taxjar for a particular time frame?

How many calls went to Avalara/Taxjar and how to restrict them?

Please provide us with the logs for the number of calls made from Chargebee to Avalara/Taxjar.

Generally, merchants try to enquire on the count of calls Chargebee makes to Avalara because, for every call made to Avalara, the merchant is charged a certain amount of money. 


It is very difficult to keep track of all the calls and all the calls are not stored in Chargebee.

Few of the obvious calls - 

1) Billing address verification 

2) When you set the creds in Chargebee - the estimate calls verify.

3)Validate existing address.

4) Estimate call for tax calculation when the subscription is created.

5) Nexus call to verify if the address is Nexus or not.

6) Each time when an update happens then a call goes to Avalara.

7) Any time when you attach a TAX code to a plan/addon then estimate calls go to Avalara.

This is ideally a default and expected behavior. In order to restrict the calls, Chargebee has enabled or paved a way not to send requests to all the 62 states  

In order to check the count there is a Splunk query you need to run

Query - (sourcetype="generic_single_line" OR sourcetype="access_combined") domain="toodledo" third_party_tax_api_count=* | stats count by third_party_tax_api_count 

If you check closely in the above screenshot, the date is filtered by date range and the total calls are 293. These close or action_type are all different. We can export and provide it to the merchant.

To avoid so many calls going to Avalara- Please refer to Chargebee docs where we have MANAGE API CALLS TO AVALARA”Please Provide this to the merchant and ask him to follow the steps.

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