Rev_Rec sync PAUSED on the RevenueStory side

Modified on: Mon, 30 Jan, 2023 at 5:04 PM


Why is Revrec sync with RevenueStory not working?


There are scenarios where RevRec sync would have paused on the RS side. This can be easily identified by checking the rev_rec_requests table on the RS side. 


Check the current_sync_status of rev_rec_request, the status would be in SYNC_PAUSED status. 


If the status seems to be PAUSED, then check the datasource_settings table. Check if RevLock Integration is set to True here, which means, the customer is using RevLock and hence, the system does not allow the Rev_rec_sync to continue. 



This has to be taken with TAM / CSM of this account and should be confirmed why does the customer want the RS Rev rec when they are currently using RevLock. 



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