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Some of the merchant's customers are receiving the error 'E-mandate not set'

Troubleshooting -  "Emandate not set" message for Stripe




The merchant reported few of their customer received the error “e-mandate not set”. They are afraid that their upcoming payments may not go through.



First check, 

  • gw_stripe_mandate_supported env_prop table in DataBrowser should be enabled or 
  • Verify the data in the table “site_preferences” by providing the prop name- gateway_site_preferences.stripe_india_mandate_support or gateway_site_preferences.stripe_mandate_support

 In this case, it was enabled.

Next check in Splunk for the transaction, whether we have sent 
gw_stripe_payment_intent_mandate as true. 
In this case it was sent correctly.

The payment_intent ID was fetched from the above logs and checked in fetch_stripe_resource under Invoke Actions in the database.

In it, check if the mandate params have been sent correctly in the 
mandate_options tag:

We can see, we have sent the mandate params correctly.
In such cases, the merchant needs to check with Stripe with these details provided from our end.

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