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What does a payment intent expiry job do?

How does a payment intent expiry job work?

Payment Intent expiry job specifications


Once the payment intent expires depending on the gateway refund process is triggered. As per the gateway configuration, once the refund process is triggered, payment should not be captured manually.




We have a payment intent expiry job that will expire unused intents i.e: for the end customer, payment intent is created and it was not used for subscription creation/ payment method add then the hold amount should be released which is taken care by this job.

You can check in table payment_intent where status=expired meaning the intent was expired using the payment intent expiry job.

The status of the payment attempt can be inited, requires_identification, requires_challenge, requires_redirection, authorized or refused.

Once the intent is expired, depending on the gateway a refund will be initiated from Chargebee and a request will be submitted to the gateway. The details can be checked from Splunk using below query:

domain=”<domain name>” job_type="payment_intent_expiry_job" action_type="payment_intent_expiry_job" entity_id="<id of the intent from payment_intent table"

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