Adyen status mismatch in Chargebee - Internal.

Modified on: Mon, 30 Jan, 2023 at 2:58 PM

This article covers

How to check why Adyen's transaction status is mismatched with Chargebee?

How to check whether we received Adyen webhooks or not?

How to check what response was received from Adyen?

Refund isn’t working for an Adyen credit card



Below are the steps to understand how Adyen webhooks are received and what was the content of it.

  1. Fetch the id_at_gateway from the transaction table using transaction id (external_id)

  2. Search psp_reference = value of id_at_gateway obtained from transactions table in adyen_webhook_logs table or adyen_webhook_errors

  3. Obtain the “merchant_reference” from the result and search again the above tables using “merchant_reference”. In case this is a first transaction you should see two results: Authorization and Capture.

  4. Open the search result where you will be able to see the message_payload

  5. If Payload contains "success": "true" meaning the transaction (authorize/capture/refund etc) was successful at the gateway level

  6. Do not get confused with “processing_status” as it is the Chargebee processing status of that webhook.

  7. Please verify the "eventCode" in the payload. There is a possibility that authorization was successful but capture failed.

  8. In case you are not able to find anything in adyen_webhook_logs, then you can ask the merchant to share merchant_refernce_id available at Adyen end and can search in logs to verify if the webhook was received or not.

Splunk Query:
domain="<domain name>" ( adyen_notification_merchant_reference="<merchant_refernce_id>" OR txn_id="<transaction_id>")

If you see the “Operation Failed” webhook received from Adyen. Suggest the merchant to reach out to Adyen for the reason behind sending the transaction webhook to Chargebee.


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